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I'm Riley.
I'm a Front-End Developer & Designer.

Working on stuff is fun for me! Do you have something I can do?

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Making the world better through websites.

I create functional and accessible websites and web applications. Hire me to build a website, put together a design, or write an article.

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All of my personal projects are developed in the open on GitHub so that I can share my explorations and discoveries with the community.

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Our modern web impacts people and our society on a fundamental level. I frequently write about design, accessibility, and culture.

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Feel free to reach out about hiring me, starting a project, or just to say hello! Ideas, suggestions, and new friends are always welcome!

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HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

The most basic building blocks of the web still make me the happiest! My CodePen is proof of that!

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Ensuring every website is accessible makes the web better for all of us. Doing my part makes me proud.

Queen Bee


A personal favorite of mine! SVGs have a ton of potential and can be controlled in lots of neat ways.

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I'm always looking to make friends and start new projects! Please consider hiring me for your next website!